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We're Nearly There! Video Update on "$20k by 2023" Fundraiser

Dear Friends and Benefactors of the St. John Kochurov Society,

Glory to God for all things! I have an encouraging update to share on our '$20k by 2023" fundraising efforts, so I recorded a brief video this morning:

If you'd rather read than watch, here's the news:

Together we've raised $15,000 - just steps away from our goal of $20,000! On behalf of the committee and members of the St. John Kochurov Society, thank you - from the depth of our hearts - for your support and prayers.

Those who know Archbishop Peter will tell you: Vladyka never asks anything for himself; he always thinks of others first. He shines with fatherly love and joy when surrounded by his spiritual children, when he sees them prospering, at peace, and happy.

When Vladyka asked our Society to raise $20,000 to replenish our charitable aid fund, he was again thinking of others before himself. As the archpastor who reviews and blesses every grant the Society makes, Vladyka knows how important it is for the Society to continue fulfilling its essential mission.

With your help today, we can soon report to our beloved Archbishop Peter that we have heard his appeal and fulfilled his request, thinking of others before ourselves and raising the money necessary to continue supporting our diocesan Youth, Mission Parishes, Monasteries, and Clergy in Need - in 2023 and beyond! Please give today or increase your already generous contribution:

Remember that St. John Kochurov Society Medals are awarded by Archbishop Peter to those who are able and willing to give most generously to support our Youth, Mission Parishes, Monasteries, and Clergy in Need. Lifetime Giving awards are presented to members who reach the following levels of support: Third Class, Bronze Medal $5,000+ Second Class, Silver Medal $10,000+

First Class, Gold Medal $25,000+ For more details and to view medal recipients: Thank you for reading and being a part of our family of diocesan stewards! May God bless your Nativity Fast and grant you a joyous and peaceful Christmas!

In Christ,

Rev. David Companik Executive Committee Chair, St. John Kochurov Society Assistant Priest, St. Jonah Orthodox Church


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